Thematic lines

CIC.DIGITAL is organized into two thematic lines:

  1. Media, Information, Technologies and societal challenges;
  2. Culture, Globalization, Mediation and Arts.

LINE 1. Media, Information, Technologies and societal challenges
The interplay between media and information technologies and societal change is one of the key aspects of our time. The concepts of media, information and technology have been discussed in various traditions of cultural theory or social sciences, and there are various benefits that can be reaped from crossing these themes. Uses of both media and information technologies have consequences at various societal levels and greatly mold some of the main challenges society and organizations face nowadays. This research line will explore the changes in media and information technologies and the societal consequences of those processes, thus contributing to promote a historically informed discourse that can both map the roles and functions of media and information in society, but also the place that economic, political, legal, social and cultural institutions perform in mediating and partly shaping those changes.

This line promotes the articulation between the:

LINE 2. Culture, Globalization, Mediation and Arts
Contemporary experience is characterized by increasingly relational and fast-paced dynamics, posing new challenges to communities and nations, obliged to act and to respond to the pressures wrought by the current processes of globalization and planetarization. In this context, mediation processes become central, inseparable from production and transmission. The more dynamic and global a system is, the more the creative strategies of individuation are crucial. Flexible, critical and self-sustaining communities are enabled or hindered by how mediations work and the way they produce new objects, procedures and devices.

This research line conducts research on mediation processes in a threefold direction – Arts, Culture and Globalization – allowing for scientific articulation of relevant aspects of several groups: