UNL Repository
The Universidade Nova de Lisboa’s Repository aims to collect, store, manage, preserve and give access to the university’s intellectual production.

RECIL Repository
 Lusófona Scientific Repository is a digital service which gathers the scientific papers produced in Lusophone Group, providing a public and universal access to the scientific production of the Group.

RIA Repository
The institutional repository of the University of Aveiro is an information system that stores, preserves, disseminates and provides access to intellectual output of the University of Aveiro in digital format via the Web at no charge.

UPorto Repository
The Open Repository collects, preserves and provides the intellectual production, in full text and open access, of the academic community of U.Porto.

Dicionário Crítico de Arte, Imagem, Linguagem e CulturA
The Critical Dictionary of Art, Image, Language and Culture was developed by the Project Communication, Culture and Art in the Côa Museum (2008-2010), in partnership with Ministério da Cultura / IGESPAR and PAVC.