CAI Series (book collection)

Colecção Cultura, Media e Artes (book collection)
The Culture, Media & Arts collection, a CECL / UnyLeya collection of ebooks  has as its main objective to question the cultural dimensions of communication. Its subject is the discourse and imagery that constitutes the culture as well as the mediations, techniques and networks that are the basis of its record production and dissemination. Thought, image, language and arts from which culture reinvents itself and technological devices connected to the processes of mediation and retention of creative practices draw the philosophical and scientific profile to host thematic issues.

Media & Jornalismo (book collection)
The Media e Jornalismocollection, started in 1997, took in its first phase until 2012, as part of a partnership between the publisher and CIMJ Horizon Books. Currently the collection is published through a new partnership now between CIMJ and Alêtheia Editores.