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Principal Investigator: Isabel Maria Ribeiro Ferin Cunha

The Media&Journalism primary objective is to stimulate research on the media and journalism in order to better understand their role in contemporary societies, through the implementation of research projects.

Keyword(s):Media; Journalism; Society; Democracy.


The analysis of journalistic coverage of several areas, subjects and social actors is assumed as a priority, due to being vital to the assessment of the interaction between media and public space, in fields such as economics, culture and corruption. One other priority is the study of new publics and media, evaluating access and the means of appropriation of these technologies by the different social groups. Over the years, gender issues have earned prominence in research, and this subject was approached from an interdisciplinary perspective, along the intersections of politics and media. Pluralism and diversity are also among research priorities, as well as reflection on the influence of migration in the digital world, in particular in the public broadcasting sector.

Two international projects involved Media&Journalism researchers and, through the consolidation of networking habits, contributed to developing the expertise to participate in trans-national and interdisciplinary studies: EU Kids Online and Digital Inclusion and Participation, within the programme UTAustin/Portugal. The group is one of the participants in the international project REACTION, which presents the challenge of linking computing sciences with the reflection on contexts and uses of news.

The outcomes of these projects have strengthened presence in the main academic forums, visible in the papers presented in conferences and seminars, mainly IAMCR, ECREA and ICA. This internationalization effort is also patent in the work developed within the ECREA Audience and Reception Studies section and also within COST IS0906, Transforming Audiences, Transforming Societies.

The group coordinates, at a national level, OBITEL – Ibero-American Television Observatory, which additionally to giving rise to the project TIC, Migration and Citizenship, also encouraged the participation of Portuguese-speaking countries.

Dissemination and publishing of research results to the academic community has been made mainly through both the Media e Jornalismo journal and the Livros Horizonte book collection, as part of the group scientific identity and attempt to engage both academics and the wider community in intellectual debate over the role of media in the contemporary world.