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Principal Investigator: Maria Cláudia Silva Afonso e Álvares

CRITECH’s core objective is to contribute to knowledge generation and dissemination in the specific domain of Media and Communication Studies, promoting its intersection in a systematic and multidisciplinary way with different areas of theoretical and applied sciences that have the media as a material base and subject of study.

Keyword(s): Audiences and publics; Media Technology;Social and cultural impacts; Critical theory.


CRITECH’s activity has been highly focused on the design and implementation of new research proposals that could originally mix both theoretical and applied research in the fields of Communication and Media Studies, namely by bringing together three different types of approaches: those focused on the study of audiences and the societal consequences of media; those interested in new forms of technology diffusion, reception and use; and those focused on media cultural forms of production.

The starting point of our research is the everyday experience of mediatization, whereby, more than mediating between individuals and society, the media are now considered an integral part of the macro-institutions of society. Our research, both theoretical and applied, aims to instigate reflection on the influence of these new circumstances on the main conceptual frameworks that have hitherto been applied to the field of media studies, namely critical theory, political economy, and cultural studies.

The group have successfully implemented a set of dedicated labs, as follows:

MOVLAB – Digital Animation and Human Movement Laboratory
The lab is focused on research in 2D/3D modelling and animation; acquisition and analysis of human movement; real- time graphics; virtual reality and interactive video

SMART Media lab
The lab deals with Smart Media platforms development and evaluation. Its services include design, development, and media content publication and management.

CPAM – Centre for Audiovisual and Media Production 
Applications of the CPAM Lab deal with all forms of audiovisual imaging production and storage. The lab is fully equipped with facilities and equipment for film and television production (ready for broadcast), storage, editing and postproduction.

CREUSE – Creativity and Usability
CREUSE deals with usability testing and market research, using both qualitative and quantitative methods.

Another fundamental achievement was a greater internationalization of the group’s research, namely via its active involvement in many European projects under FP7, MEDIA and KA funding and active participation in COST Action ISO906 Transforming Audiences, Transforming societies as well as in the European Science Foundation Media Forward Look titled New Media and New Literacies, aiming to delineate the research strategies in Europe for the next 5/10 years.

CRITECH will continue publishing the academic journal, Revista Caleidoscópio, which aims to make known the results of its members’ research projects to the wider scientific community, both nationally and internationally.