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Principal Investigator: Lídia de Jesus Oliveira Loureiro da Silva

DIGIMEDIA presents itself as an international reference team in research in the design and evaluation of services and practices of interaction (such as human-computer; social and interpersonal) supported in digital media (social network, interactive TV, webradio, mobile), promoting smart and inclusive growth, within specific application contexts in the complementary areas of Education and training, Health, wellbeing and active ageing, Culture and tourism and Entertainment.

Keyword(s): Digital Media; Interaction; Cyberculture; Media convergence.


The DIGIMEDIA research group integrates researchers with different although complementary backgrounds (telecommunication engineering, new communication technologies, sociology, philosophy, to name only a few) and this multidisciplinary framework has been successfully oriented towards common goals in terms of research in the field of Digital Media and Interaction.

The research interests of the group are focused on four main areas:

Education and training
Research is focused on the design, development, study, evaluation and dissemination of new communication services and practices, based on digital media in communication-enriched education and training contexts

Health, wellbeing and active ageing
Research based on a user-centred design approach to conceptualize, implement and evaluate advanced ICT solutions for wellbeing, active ageing assisted living and people with special needs

Culture and tourism
Research on the design, development and validation of new communication services and products based on crossplatform and crossmedia solutions, capable of improving and augmenting cultural and tourism experiences

Research on the study, design, development and evaluation of new entertainment experiences supported in multiple domains and platforms, such as Television, in its interactive format, webradio and videogames

In the context of these research interests, and with regard to research projects with external funding, we emphasize the existence of 12 national and international industry projects, among which we highlight SAPO Campus (conceptualization, development and assessment of a social media platform designed for educational contexts – funded by PTComunicações), SEDUCE and iNeighbour TV projects (online community and IPTV service to promote sociability and wellbeing among older adults – funded by FCT) and mesh-t project (pervasive, ubiquitous and context-aware technologies in tourism – funded by QREN).

Several group members are responsible for the edition of a semi-annual online scientific journal, PRISMA.com (Journal of Information and Communication Sciences and Technologies).

Our internationalization strategy focuses on Ibero-American, African and European networks and HEI and includes 3 main concerns:

  1. Undergraduate student mobility;
  2. Post-graduate student mobility and supervision;
  3. The establishment and promotion of transdisciplinary research networks and projects.