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Principal Investigator: Maria Teresa Pimentel Peito Cruz

CULTUR-ART conducts studies on the cultural dimensions of communication, considering the relationship between culture and art and between culture and mediations, the post-medial condition and digital convergence, the arts as reflective, experimental practices around cultural techniques, digital networks and their cultural and political dimensions and the mobilization of the arts within the digital economy.

Keyword(s): Culture; Technique; Mediation and networks arts.


The relationship between communication, culture and the arts is the recognized and valued core of the research of this group. This research focuses on the imaginary and symbolic production that constitute culture and the arts, on the inscription and transmission operations that are based on the technological and cultural industries, and on the mediation networks and processes that ensure their dissemination and interweaving with the social and economic realities. This approach recognizes both the technological dimension of mediation and the need to understand its devices, with a particular focus on the introduction of new information technologies and digital networks, namely due to the retentional dimension that generates archives and databases from which an interpretation of culture can be drawn, but also the arts and creative practices that allow culture to reinvent itself.

The three major paradigmatic aspects of the research developed by this group are:

  1. a focus on contemporary experience through the establishment of critical frameworks enabling both a genealogical analysis and the identification of emerging issues;
  2. the use of methodologies dictated by the specificity of issues, not confined to rigid disciplinary or even interdisciplinary perspectives;
  3. the conjunction of fundamental research on the critical reception of the studied phenomena and applied research, mainly linked to the issues of cultural innovation and the promotion of creative strategies.

Within the projects with external financing (funding received from FCT but mainly from other sources), the group was able to establish contracts and collaboration protocols with RTP – Portuguese Television and Radio, museums and some of the most prestigious cultural institutions in the country, such as Serralves Museum, Côa Foundation, DGArtes (General Directorate of Arts), Cultural Center of Belém, Berardo Museum, Ministry of Culture and IGESPAR (Institute for the Management of Architectonic and Archaeological Heritage).

These partnerships led to important outcomes and results, such as the production of an 8 episode documentary series entitled Images of PIDE, for Portuguese Public TV channel RTP1; the project Heritage Mediation: Communication Plan for the Art of the Côa Valley, dedicated to the largest open air site of rock art in the world. The official website of Art Côa Valley, designed by this research group, received an award from the Portuguese Association of Museums (APOM), in 2011, for Best Website of Year.

The group published thematic issues of the journals Revista de Comunicação e Linguagens and Interact: “Analytics of New Media”, “Genealogies of Web 2.0”, “Design”, “Photography(s)”, “Writing, Memory, Archive”, “Territories” and “Cyberword”.